MA Lighting – MA University

The MA University aims to enable lifelong learning opportunities, constant improvement and creates a platform for staying up to date by providing comprehensive training programs and delivering global MA knowledge to the highest quality standards. The training program of the MA University is certified worldwide by MA Lighting and aims to guarantee a consistency of knowledge independent of the training concept and location. The free e-learning portal MA University is open now.

The MA University e-learning also offers a flexible learning platform for interactive knowledge transfer to any location. Especially now it is the right time to recap, educate yourself or connect with other MA users with the MA online tools – at anytime and from any place. MA Lighting also regularly posts tutorials on their social media pages.

Learn more here:

Or contact your local MA Distributor directly for your personal MA E-learning login.

Free Stage Research Software

During this time of idle theatres and postponed projects, Stage Research is offering any of our software programs for free. Use it for what you want – learn something new, coordinate frequencies, create that highly complex sound design, upgrade your personal equipment to the latest version of its software or upgrade your professional equipment at the shop, in school, or your theatre.

For free. It's on them. Hoping to ease the challenges we are all dealing with at this time. Any "purchase" during this period of time is seriously free. After we get through this COVID-19 period, Stage Research will restore pricing, however, that will not affect any product that you get today.

Order from our store and use this code: SUPPORTARTS to get your 100% discount.


Free Vectorworks Spotlight Essentials Seminars

Vectorworks is offering free Spotlight Essentials Seminars, using the code “TRAINMENOW”.

Check out this Eventbrite page for a raft of Vectorworks Essentials Seminars dates from here.

Pangolin Systems Quick Hints

Pangolin Systems will host Quick Hints, setup, and safety videos in the coming weeks through their in-depth blog and a series of live streams over the coming weeks, covering all aspects of laser education.

The Quick Hints videos help new users quickly and efficiently learn how to use our BEYOND software. With each video designed to be as short as possible, while providing all the necessary information you should know about the different tools and functions inside of BEYOND.

The 'Three-Phase Series' covers three groups of videos—ranging from Beginner, Intermediate to Expert. Discover more here.

Strand Lighting Online Training

Let Vari-Lite and Strand teach you the basics of the world of lighting systems design online. The company has allowed users to request free Strand console online training via the website, as all training costs have been waived for the next few weeks. The following free courses are designed to help end users, dealers, reps, engineers, specifiers, and consultants gain additional product and systems knowledge. Sign up here.

Find a range of course dates below. All times are Eastern Standard Time (EST):

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Obsidian Control Systems Online Training Sessions

Obsidian Control Systems is hosting free weekly online training sessions covering the ONYX control platform and new NETRON data distribution range, available to end users across the globe.

The following classes will be offered at no cost:

Learn about the product options in the NETRON data distribution range, display navigation and get a full training on all features available in the remote web interface.

March 31

Learn the basics of the ONYX platform from patching to fixture control to writing basic cues and effects.

April 1

Every week a different range of topics will be discussed in an open forum that encourages user interaction and questions. Topics will include navigating the new DYLOS pixel engine to the building of cue and playback structures, as well as FX creation. We will discuss the ONYX workspace environment in depth along with any other topics users are interested in addressing.

March 26

April 2


Ambersphere Solutions MA Lighting Training

Ambersphere Solutions have added additional grandMA2 user training courses and grandMA2 network courses. Both courses are open to any freelancer that has just found they have unexpected time on their hands. These courses are Free of Charge and we will be trying to add more over the coming weeks/months. Contact for a space.

The grandMA2 user course takes place on 24-26 March and the grandMA2 Network course will be on 27 March. All of the training courses ask for a voluntary £10 + VAT fee that goes directly to the industry charity Backup - The Technical Entertainment Charity to help support those hit hardest during COVID-19.

For your space please contact

Resolume VJ Software Video Training

Resolume, a live VJing and audio-visual performance tool, has unveiled free online classes covering the basics of the software to advanced training videos. This is not a boring this-button-does-that classroom. It’s a practical course that demonstrates the art behind the technicalities. It’s focused on creating a balanced, visually pleasing output while helping you become an efficient VJ that will be ready to take on any live situation. The entire crash course only takes a few hours.

Discover how you can make your compositions look slick and balanced, how to plan your performance and organise your content for long shows and how to set up your MIDI controller so you can get into a good flow; ideas to help unlock your creativity as a VJ here.


USITT Teaching Archive

USITT has made its entire online catalogue available to members for free. They have also announced a free educational content, which will be rolled out in the coming weeks. Online learning, job opportunities, and industry resources are available year-round for those who may be out of work, those who are having to navigate the waters of teaching classes online that traditionally would not be suited as web-based education, and more. Under the Education commission you can find material that is broadly applicable to all areas such as grading for crew assignments, generating engaged discussion, introductory classes, fundamentals of design, and more.

Discover USITT’s Teaching Archive here.


Pause and Practice – Hippotizer Webinars

Green Hippo is offering free online webinars, called Pause and Practice, every weekday covering Hippotizer, SHAPE, and Hippotizer Dive Deep, for users of all abilities. Register on the company website.

  • Hippotizer Getting Started – Register.
  • Hippotizer Getting Started USA – These sessions will run at 14:00 EST; Register.
  • Hippotizer Multi Canvas Configuration – Register.
  • Hippotizer Using a Lighting Desk and CITP – Register.
  • Hippotizer Maintenance and Best Practice – Register. 
  • Hippotizer Workflow Discussion Q & A – Register. 

Get ahead and download the free Hippotizer PLAY demo software before you attend your session.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?


High End Systems Hedgeucation

High End Systems launches the Hedgeucation series covering Hog 4 software and desk features. Additional training companion materials for each topic can be downloaded from their website. Season One in Learn Hog 4, a new online video series that demonstrates how easy it is to learn and use the Hog 4 platform. All episodes can be found on a new landing page on the HES website,

Season One gets viewers up and rocking quickly, focusing on use of the compact HedgeHog 4 console to patch, program and operate a live show. High End Systems’ Joe Haller hosts the series, offering practical Hog tips and tricks along with a true Texan sense of humor (‘Who doesn’t like mirror balls, Joe?’) A nail biting season finale shot at the Majestic Theatre in Madison, WI shows programmers how to use what they’ve learned to light a live performance. Extras including Hog 4 show files and additional course material can be downloaded from

Season One Episodes:

Episode 1.1 – Hardware and Patching
Episode 1.2 – Basic Programming
Episode 1.3 – Using Groups and Palettes
Episode 1.4 – Recording and Playing Back
Episode 1.5 – Simple Effects
Episode 1.6 – Updating and Busking

PRG Product & Training Videos

The North American contingent of PRG has unveiled an entire archive of free training videos, covering the company's catalogue on its website, from the x76 series, covering beginner to advanced programming lessons and techniques. PRG’s website also offers video training on its media server software, Mbox, covering the basics to advanced programming techniques. 

Deep dive into the back catalogue here.

ChamSys Training Courses & Videos

ChamSys MagicQ and QuickQ softwares are both free and available on the ChamSys website. As well as a free video catalogue of training videos and materials, from beginning to advanced users. ChamSys Training Academy also provides everything you need to learn how to be a better programmer. Set up an account to watch informative tutorials or register for an engaging in-person training course here today. 

Free MA Lighting Training at ACT Academy

MA Lighting has unveiled MA University, a free online learning program, available to end users who contact their local MA distributor. MA University resources and tools are provided to distributors like ACT Lighting and adapted as makes sense for the local market. As the exclusive North American distributor of MA products ACT Lighting has over 15 years experience teaching the MA line of products – adapting the MA University framework across multiple resources including in-person classes, its YouTube channel, the ACT Support Hub, and ACT Academy.

ACT Lighting’s ACT Academy is also free until 1 June 2020, using the promo code: ACT4ME  here.

Free ETC LearningStage Classes

ETC has announced that up until 15 May 2020 its entire catalogue of LearningStage classes are free. From online programming training to lessons on DMX theory, more resources are set to be added in the coming weeks. You can find free courses from New Technician Training Prerequisites, Rig9 01-Introduction, Prodigy to Element Level 1: Essentials for v2.6, and much more here.

SoundGirls and L-Acoustics Training Grants

SoundGirls and L-Acoustics are proud to announce three grants in support of SoundGirls’ mission to empower women in audio engineering. The grants (detailed below) provide access to the full-range of L-Acoustics training courses.

“We are honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with SoundGirls on their mission to inspire and empower the next generation of women in audio,” explains Etienne Corteel, Director of Education and Scientific Outreach at L-Acoustics. “Through our dedication to innovation and product design excellence, we recognize the value of diversity in our industry and look forward to supporting grant recipients in developing their careers.”

Prospective candidates must be members of SoundGirls and have until March 27, 2020 to submit their application. Winners will be announced April 7, 2020 and may use the grants to attend L-Acoustics training courses offered in 2020. (Hotel accommodations are included. Grant recipients are responsible for any additional travel expenses).

Find out which grants are available here.

L-Acoustics Soundvision Design Solutions Daily Webinars

L-Acoustics range of free online “Soundvision Design Solutions” webinars daily, which include Q&A sessions on a variety of topics, such as L-ISA, line source optimisation, AVB, and P1/M1. The webinars are designed to enable technicians, system engineers and sound designers to get the best performance from L-Acoustics systems and are conducted by expert professionals selected for their expert skills and their experience in the audio industry.

The next two seminars are:

A SERIES Webinar – 03/26/2020

Choose from a range of webinar slots here.



Getting Yourself 3D Ready with ETC Augment3d

For years, the Eos software platform has been providing lighting designers and programmers cutting-edge color tools and advanced control. A favorite on Broadway, the West End, and venues all over the globe, the Eos Family helps bring art to life on a daily basis with its power and precision. With its latest evolution, Eos v3.0 offers a number of software advances, most notably ETC’s first integrated 3D programming environment: Augment3d. This new and exciting tool allows Eos users to control and design in a three-dimensional space. Hear from two ETC insiders, armed with insight from their beta testers, on how this powerful new tool will forever augment the lighting design process for the better, and how you can get your space and your workflow ready for the tool.

Date:  Tuesday, April 14, 2020
Time:  2pm ET / 11am PT
Duration:  1 Hour

Register now for the free webinar here.

Free Real-time Distance Learning with Barco weConnect

Seeing is believing, so Barco welcomes you to one of its upcoming free virtual classroom sessions. They are free, only take 45 minutes and give an inspiring insight in the future of learning and the possibilities of our real-time distance learning platform weConnect. Simply choose the moment that fits you best below and join our classroom, no strings attached.

Reserve your free virtual seat.

Outboard TiMax Training

Out Board has opened an invitation to select an available time and date for a personal, one-on-one, one-hour Skype screen-share training session, with Dave Haydon or Robin Whittaker in the UK (GMT) or Duncan Crundwell in the USA (EST).

Sessions are open to all sound designers, sound engineers and production sound techs worldwide on a first-come, first-served basis. Simply register to download TiMax SoundHub software (Mac or Windows) from and enter “1on1” into the About You section. Alternatively contact Out Board direct on